Tutor and Therapist @ HarrisPlusHealth Ltd.

E: HarrisPlusHealth@gmail.com
W: HarrisPlusHealth.co.uk

I provide an environment of acceptance, empathy and honesty in which I work with clients non-judgementally.

What can you expect from me as a therapist?
– A Counsellor holding an Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling.
– Empathic listening, friendly, warm and appropriate use of humour
– A practical, open and effective approach.
– Affordable pricing. I believe strongly in helping people. I offer reduced rates in order to make counselling more achievable. I charge only £25 per session (£20 if booking 6 at a time) and a free Initial consultation to allow you to decide if you would like to work with me without financial obligation.
– I believe that Counselling should leave you with the tools to tackle your problems. As such I have an open and practical style that allows you to work therapeutically with yourself after our time together is finished.
– I believe, counselling is not just a discussion that happens in the counselling room. I honour the role of feelings, thoughts, body sensations and behaviour. Therefore a large focus of therapy is increasing our awareness of our experience – with specific reference to the immediate action.

I most commonly help with:
– Depression / Anxiety
– Personal growth
– Self-esteem / self-image
– Bereavement
– Relationship problems
– Anger/Stress management

Services I offer include:
1:1 Counselling
1:1 MIndfulness Coaching
Small group / family mindfulness consultations
Hypnotherapy for habit change (e.g. Smoking, relaxation)

Byron Harris
Tutor and Therapist @ HarrisPlusHealth Ltd.