CBT/REBT Counsellor MNCS (Accred)
EMDR Therapist MNCS (Accred)
Rupert works with Adults and Young People

T: 07773 714723
E: hello@rupertcrockett.co.uk
W: www.rupertcrockett.co.uk.co.uk

About Me:

I specialise in CBT/REBT and EMDR.

I am passionate about supporting people to grow and overcome obstacles that life brings. My approach is to support you in developing your own resources to gain clarity and overcome difficulties you are facing.
I sincerely believe we all have this potential to gain a deeper connection within ourselves, to change what can be changed, and to learn to accept what we can’t. Spending time together will create a space for you to find your own path, allowing your inner resilience to emerge, in your own unique way.

REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour therapy) is a branch of CBT that focuses like CBT on your current thoughts and behaviours about a particular problem or situation that you are currently struggling with. REBT will help you to develop a healthier emotional perspective as a foundation to build upon.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) is a psychotherapy that helps to process and reduce negative images, distressing emotions, beliefs, and physical sensations associated with traumatic memories or stressful events that become stuck and unable to resolve themselves. EMDR is recommended for PTSD, depression, phobia, addiction, and anxiety.

How much is a session?

CBT sessions:
Initial consultation – 75 minutes – £50
Subsequent sessions – 60 minutes- £50
Children and students – £40

EMDR Sessions:
Initial consultation – 90 minutes – £70
Subsequent sessions – 90 minutes- £70
Children and students – £50

Please contact me if you are on a reduced income for a concession.

Training & Qualifications:
• Certificate in EMDR in Therapy and Coaching
• Advanced Diploma in Integrative CBT/REBT
• Diploma in CBT/REBT – Accredited with the National Counselling Society (NCS)
• Counselling Skills and Ethics
• Holistic Life Coach Diploma