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There are many forms of loss, for example from bereavement, separation, redundancy or other destabilising life-event. It could be amputation or other physical or psychological stress that shakes our sense of ourselves, our identity. Experience of any of these may release in us a myriad of emotions which are sometimes too hard to bear. The result is that these emotions get buried, locked away inside our hearts.

Loss is one of the most painful experiences we can endure. Over the course of many years, I have learnt that loss has many forms, especially when it leads to, for example, grief. I believe that the experience of loss is often complicated by past events and that, for each of us, we have our own individual process to work through.

The experience of loss often raises fundamental questions about our identity, safety and mortality. Big questions which involve painful memories, sometimes guilt. Questions resulting from choices we have made, leading us to ask, what if we had made different decisions, or why did we do what we did?

I can help you to explore such thoughts and feelings in a way that feels safe and contained, allowing you to tell your story over time and more deeply understand issues that trouble you so that you can go forward with greater confidence.

In working with you, I will aim to be creative in our conversations, using ideas drawn from drama, music, drawing or making. This, I find, can help the process of self-discovery, and can be really fulfilling to experience.

I will work with you, helping you to explore your options in your life.

If you would like to see if I can help, call me on 07557 911551 or email jean@beyondthepresent.co.uk