Due to the Coronavirus we have decided to set up an Emotional Support Line dedicated to people who are struggling to cope in these unprecedented times.

Are you suffering from anxiety, fear, loneliness or grief? to name but a few!  If so we are offering a 30 minute telephone consultation to help you explore and find strategies to help you cope.

Our team of professionally trained listeners below have dedicated times that they are able to take your call. Please feel free to make direct contact:


11am to 1pm – Byron Harris – 07891 509464

2pm to 4pm – Dawn Harding – 07585 558101

2pm to 5pm – Laura Edrop – 07908 898674

7pm to 10pm – Jean Thirkettle – 07557 911551


2pm to 4pm – Jill Shearer – 07581 454295


9am to 5pm – Heather Smith – 07702 113544

10am to 12pm – Tina Hoar – 07745 870474

1pm to 4pm – Byron Harris – 07891 509464


9am to 11am – Zena Cains – 07894 249771

9am to 12pm – Emma Feasby – 07724 055686

4pm to 6pm – Toni Buffham – 07790 093382

7pm to 10pm – Sue Fox – 07500 727717


1pm to 4pm – Dave Buffham – 07525 678947

5pm to 9pm – Sue Fox – 07500 727717


Other Services

Covid 19 ** 50% off online hypnotherapy for key workers – Karen Moyes – 07766 232612 & Heather Smith – 07702 113544



Breathe slowly and deeply.
Create a daily plan.
Go for a daily walk.
If you can in nature.
Be creative & imaginative
Do the chores / sorting out you’ve never had time to do. Photos, attic, draws, filing.
Stay connected. Text, Facebook, email, WhatsApp, write a letter etc.
Stay positive this IS A TEMPORARY situation.
Help your friends , colleagues to do this too.

The Therapy Rooms Helpline is a confidential service. Contact details will be deleted/destroyed after the call. There are, however, some circumstances where we would break confidentiality.
• When we feel a caller or someone a caller talks about is in life threatening danger and the caller has given their contact details to us.
• When we have the caller’s permission to speak to a third party.
• When we feel a caller is deliberately preventing us from carrying out our service.
• When a caller threatens volunteers/staff and it is felt their safety may be at risk.
• When we have a court order to divulge information.
• When we have bomb warnings or information about terrorism.
However, we may have access to a caller’s contact number if the caller does not withhold their number. We would only pass on caller details to the relevant authorities or for emergency support for the reasons set out above.
All helpline volunteers are entitled to have supervision to aid ethical and safe practice, however unless the caller or someone a caller talks about is at serious risk of harm, or to conform to one of the above reasons, details of the caller will not be passed to the supervisor.
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